Within These Walls / Advertising the Exhibition

With advertising, we wanted to select a few platforms that are tailored to our exhibition and our group.

We already had the video, that was getting great feedback, but unfortunately no money; I think this is because we didn’t post it in enough time and we didn’t advertise the page much as  a group, but the experience is still there.

Then we made an Instagram account; we all have Instagram and like the idea of informing through imagery. We used the Instagram to post photos of our progress in our practice; we took it in turn to post each day until the exhibition which we would then post photos from the opening night. This was a really successful form of advertising as it got our audience excited for our exhibition.

Within These Walls Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/withinthesewalls2016/


Next we made a blog on wordpress. This was mainly for documentation and to use an archive for the exhibition. We also used it in our symposium after all the shows. This was also a good platform as we now have an archive to look back on.

Blog URL – https://withinthesewallssite.wordpress.com/


We got our poster professionally printed in The Print Room at Hallam’s Library. We had 100 printed and we decided to get a better quality as we can hand them out as mementos of the exhibition as well as the accompanying leaflet; informing guests of our works. We placed our poster in and around the Uni, in the studios, The new post office building, In quite a few selected spaces.


We Finally created a Facebook Event, which most people do as it informs your friends and family of the event and when the opening night is. From this we generated a lot of interest that was reflected on our opening night.

Facebook event – https://www.facebook.com/events/1049119358467886/


As a group we are really pleased with our advertising campaign, we feel we have generated a lot of interest through them, and hopefully this will refelect on our opening night on the 28th April.



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