Born in 1996 in Sheffield, UK, Lydia Jackson describes herself as a multidisciplinary artist, not wanting to be restricted to one particular practice. She is currently in her second year at Sheffield Hallam University, studying BA (Hons) in Creative Art Practice and previously completed an Extended Diploma in Art and Design at Norton College, Sheffield (Sept 2012 – June 2014).

Lydia has exhibited her artwork on several occasions, all of which were either self or group curated. Group exhibitions include The Ripple Effect at Gage Gallery, Sheffield (January 2016) and VIE at ACG Galley, Sheffield (March 2016). Her most recent exhibition being Within These Walls at APG Works in Sheffield (April/May 2016), where herself and five accompanying artists presented their individual works, Lydia displayed two pieces of work; So close no matter how far and In two minds.

Lydia’s first solo exhibition was in March 2016 in The Cupboard under the Stairs Gallery inside Arundel Gate Court Studio, Sheffield, where she first exhibited her Neon Works that she is now currently working on.

Although Lydia does not restrict herself to a definitive practice, she often returns to Printmaking and the various processes it offers. At present the subject of death and her anxiety towards dying is a reoccurring theme in her artwork and she is currently investigating this subject through text based art which allows her to explore the context on a much deeper process of thought.