The Ripple Effect / Opening Night, Feedback and Evaluation

Last night was the opening night for our group exhibition; The Ripple Effect.  We had a great turn out, thanks to our advertising. Free refreshments were provided that always goes down well, our informative leaflet was well received, and guided our visitors around each artwork and overall, it was a fantastic night.

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Abbot.
View of the entire gallery, My work being viewed to the right. Photo courtesy of Chelsea Abbot.

As for my work, It attracted a lot of attention, I received some great positive feedback and It was really pleasing to see people view and discuss my work and see discussion arise from my work about the celebrities, which is what I wanted from my work, I wanted people to relate to it, which you can when the content is universal. I’m pleased with my work, It has a balance of destruction and fragility and I feel It comes across ghostly, which was my intention, but as for where I can continue from this is hazy to me, I feel this chapter of my practice had closed.

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Abbot.
Photo courtesy of Chelsea Abbot.

One critical point I received was questioning why I placed the work on the floor, as It was slightly difficult to view from above. The reason for this was I wanted to create sculpture and image together as well as replicating the form of a body. In hindsight, I would have raised the floor piece higher, to torso height, so the pieces are easier to see. I also re-hung my work, and placed the floor piece at an angle away from the wall, and this appeared more effective as the viewer had to walk around the piece as opposed to just looking down at it. This also worked for the pieces context, in that it became unavoidable, you had to walk around it which is reflective of death.

I’m extremely proud of Creative Art Practice; our first group exhibition was a success. We worked really well together, the teamwork aspect was excellent and each individual pulled their own weight. The show was well curated and our tutors were really impressed with all our hard work, as am I, It couldn’t have gone better.


The Ripple Effect / Documentation


Goodbye,   -2015

Inkjet prints, Voile, Acetate, Glass, Cello-tape, White Cotton Sheet

This artwork portray my ever growing understanding of death, fuelled by my own fears and my hidden intrigue of celebrity deaths, their deterioration and final demise, why we mourn; in theory, total strangers as though they are our own family, how we question what could have been but yet they all become ghosts that will forever be present.

The eight hung pieces include personal words of fellow students of when questioned what they thought will happen after you die, quotes that interpret their own realisations of death itself, such words do not ease my own fears but my understanding continues.







All Photos taken by myself.

The Ripple Effect / Exhibition Installation

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This morning we installed all the art work that will displayed in The Ripple Effect.  Gage Galley is a ‘white cube gallery’; the walls are white and the space has little character, so is a blank canvas for the exhibition and it allows the work displayed to speak solely for itself.

The piece I am displaying is ‘Goodbye’, 2015. A single body of work that is created form two single pieces. This includes a wall piece that includes printed voile behind layered of acetate adorned with text from my Death Questionnaire and also a floor piece that consists of smashed glass colleges, on top of a formed sheet.
For the wall aspect of my work, I knew where I wanted it to be displayed; directly under light, as my wall pieces need light so they reflect and cast shadows. As with all group exhibitions, placement needs to be compromised and agreed together, as I wanted a specific place for my pieces, I received the space I wanted, so that was reassuring, not having to worry that I will be place in a dark corner.

Cherelle Khan (Right) and Myself attempting to hang my work. Photo courtesy of Chelsea Abbot.

When all the placements had been settled and secured, it was time to set up. I unfortunately came across some hurdles that I had to resolve. The first was about my floor piece. My plan initially was to lay the sheet on the floor and put my glass pieces directly on top, until I was informed that Gage Gallery is prone to flooding and the night previous, the rain hadn’t stopped. So I had to find a solution that would lift the piece above the floor, and so I placed a plank of wood on top of four bricks, which created a step for my piece to lay on and fortunately it turned out how I had planned. The second hurdle was the Gage Gallery Walls. As I have limited knowledge about DIY and hanging work, I thought that I could simply use small nails and a hammer to place my lightweight work on the wall, this wasn’t the case. The walls at gage are made from brick work, so you either need to use masonry nails to hammer into the cement or a drill to create holes for the nails, neither of which I had, but lucky my fellow student Steve Johnson aided me and finally the pieces were hung.


I’ve learnt a lot from this experience so far; I know next time that I will have to know my space and know what tools etc. are needed, to prevent this from happening again. I always plan ahead for everything I do, but I now know I need to plan more, but overall i’m really pleased with how my work looks, It’s exactly how I wanted it to be, It just took 2 hours longer. The opening night for the exhibition is tomorrow night.

The Ripple Effect / Poster and Proposal

In two weeks time, our first Creative Art Practice Group Exhibition will be happening; 6th – 11th January 2016.

Below is the poster for our Exhibition; The Ripple Effect. The poster was designed by fellow students, Chelsea Abbot and Katie Gammage and the name was a collective decision between the group. The exhibition title was given as a connotation of the work that will feature in the galley is a drop in the ocean to what we have been producing in the studio, and will be a catalyst for new ideas in semester 2 after our assessment.



Sheffield Hallam University Second Year Creative Art Practice student’s come together to present ‘The Ripple Effect’. A group Exhibition featuring 19 artists displaying works from their current practice at Gage Gallery in Sheffield from 7th-11th January 2015, preview night on 6th January 2015.

I will be displaying work surrounding Celebrity deaths and my fear of death, I use celebrities that I consider a great loss to society and myself. As to what my displayed work will be is unknown as of yet, but I am currently in the stages of experimentation.


Facebook Event:


Below are sketches of how my work will be displayed: