Neon /Making of Exhibited Piece

Below is a slideshow, documenting all the stages in making my possible final neon, that if all goes to plan and I am happy with the results, will be displayed at APG Works for my group exhibition; Within These Walls:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

* before I started making the neon signs, I upholstered a 24 X 24 inch canvas with a black fabric sheet. I wanted to make the content/ my words feel more important, like information people have to know. So I wanted to make more of a sign, that has stability and confines the words to that space.

The finished Neon. All photos are my own.

I’m really please with my outcome. The quality of the neon has definitely improved from my first attempts, in terms of the font – it feels a lot stronger and more universal than my handwriting. I’m pleased that it’s more of a sign that can be moved (on a canvas), which I feel makes the content more important, more like information, which I was aiming for. I’m slightly concious that the white EL wire stands out more than the red, but I’m hoping this will change when its in the exhibition space, as I will be displaying this in the Within these Walls exhibition. But none-the-less, I’m really pleased with the final outcome.


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