ULTRA / Documentation and feedback

On March 1st and 2nd, myself and 4 other artist’s displayed work at Bloc Projects in Sheffield in a show titled, ULTRA. All the works have the mutual theme of the colour blue, yet are all individual to the artist and differing in contexts.


The show was only open for two days, but we had many visitors, more than we were expecting from a show that was only advertised through our studios. We had all positive feedback from our peers, people who came in from the public and our tutors.

Below are photo’s i took of each artists work:

As a group of 5 artists, this will be our third group exhibition and I believe it to be our best. The artwork, our team work and our skills improve with each show and this is also noticed by our tutors and peers. This has been a great experience, and it was new to all work to a theme, i think having the theme of the colour blue brought new thoughts to each artist and an opportunity to reflect on where we want to take our work.


My own artwork was received well from the materials I used, and I got some great new feedback from tutors who haven’t seen my work before. The tutors who know my work well also gave me some comments that have lead me to decide which route to take my work in, which I will be discussing further in another blog post, but i’m happy with my feedback and how I will be moving on from ULTRA.

Re-hanging work:

As we had the studio space for a week, it was a great opportunity to experiment with different ways to hang our work. Below are images of the ways I placed my work differently. I firstly placed my print on the window as I have printed on a clear material. I’m really pleased with how this looks, the text really comes through from the natural light and this is reminiscent of a brain scan on a light box, which i will be experimenting with for degree show.

The second image shows the movement of my work to the very centre of the wall. Before my print was placed to the right on the wall and the illustration pieces by Rebecca Smith were to the left of the wall, so both pieces were separate. A few tutors suggested that my work needs to be moved to the centre, and they also suggested that the work be closer together, so we experimented with placement and decided on the above. I believe the works in fact look better, and the show felt more cohesive because of it.

Overall, this exhibition has been a great opportunity to experiment with artworks, ideas, placement and hanging methods.

(All photo’s are my own; excluding the group photo taken by Andrew Sneddon)


ULTRA / Installation

Today we installed our exhibition; ULTRA, into the gallery space of Bloc Projects. We took around 3 hours to fully install everyone’s work and all has gone to plan.


We firstly curated the show and roughly placed each artwork in the space (above image). All the works are equally spaced out, and each piece is on it’s own and have their own space; so no one work is overpowering.

The first piece we hung was the 3 large boards to take centre space on the large wall, each wooden panel had to be drilled in each corner. We then drilled the holes in the wall and secured them with screws. This was the most difficult task in the show as it required abit of precision and attention, but we did it, and they look great.

It was then a matter of using panel pins and command strips to secure all the other pieces to walls and the floor piece to be arranged by the artist.

My print only needed 4 panel pins to secure and the use of the spirit level; it was very straight forward.

I’m really impressed with the show and us as 5 art students. In all our previous shows we have either used very basic hanging methods or help from a superior, but this was the first show where we fully installed the work ourselves and did not require help. This show is also the first time some of us have used a drill; myself included, which was daunting as silly as that sounds, but from this we have all learnt an extremely valuable skill and we are fully capable to install our own work to a high quality.

Yet again, our group of 5 artists have worked incredibly well together and produced a great show in my opinion, i’m glad we took this opportunity to display work so soon after the SIA exhibition and it has pushed us all to make new work along a strict theme; the colour blue. I believe we have proved ourselves and our capacity through this show, and we all feel more confident towards our degree show in the summer from this.



ULTRA / Exhibition Poster

On February 27th, myself and 4 other artists; Paige Howard, Cherelle Khan, Charlotte Robinson, Rebecca Smith,  will be installing artwork in BLOC projects, 4 Sylvester Street, Sheffield, S1 4RN. The artwork all has the cohesive connection of the colour blue, but all artworks will be personal to each artists and context varies throughout.

The exhibition is open for two days; March 1st & 2nd, from 12-3pm both days. This exhibition is a chance for all 5 artists to exhibit new works and we will be using the space to think and re-consider our works and also take time to think about presentation. Below is the poster for the exhibition, featuring artwork by Charlotte Robinson:


Something Blue / Preparation for ULTRA exhibition

I am part of an upcoming exhibition at Bloc projects in a few weeks, titled; ULTRA. The connective theme for this show is all the works produced by the 5 artists involved, is to be the colour blue.

It’s clear from my blog, that I rarely use colour and my normal palette is black and white, so using blue in my work was quite difficult as there is no connection to my context of mortality and fear.

From this, I decided to use this artwork and exhibition to experiment with the record idea, in the hopes that I would finally conclude whether to push my work to be reflective of brain scans or vinyl records.


I have used a mixture of dark navy blue and a lighter, more electric blue. I have used these colours from a reference image of a limited edition clear blue splattered vinyl, so the suggestion of ‘one-off’ and speciality comes through from the piece.

Vinyl record I used as a reference for my print.

I have printed on acetate, so it will look slightly shiny on a wall, but still clear – as though it is printed onto the wall, without doing so.

The finished outcome:


I have used Metallica’s song, Fade to Black, in the print, which is a song about death and one i used in my previous prints. The paint is a mixture of PVA glue and acrylic paint, to achieved a shine on the print so it would suggest a vinyl record and i’m really pleased with this combination and how it looks on the acetate, I feel this is an improvement from the paper i have used previously.

I’m still really unsure on my thoughts toward this piece, I really like how it looks and the textures but as for the context of the vinyl record, I feel a disconnect and the pieces where I am investigating the brain and thoughts are stronger compared to this.

None-the-less, I am still going to present this piece in ULTRA, and await feedback from peers and tutors, even though I am sure I will not be continuing with the vinyl record influence.