Epilogue / Degree Show

Creative Art Practice’s Degree Show; Epilogue, is now fully installed and ready for the public on 10th-23rd June 2017. Our degree show, along with Sheffield Hallam University’s other creative courses degree shows can be found at Sheffield Institute of Arts, Fitzalan Square, S1 2AY.

‘Come closer, look into my mind’, 2017

Our Degree Show opening night was yesterday (09-06-2017) and I proud to say it was such a success. As there were around 8 courses displaying their final degree shows, the amount of visitors was overwhelming. It was a very humbling moment to see the pride, relief and happiness on every students face as their family, friends and tutors walked around to view something they are proud of. As I walked around the exhibitions myself, I was very honoured to be a part of Sheffield’s Artistic history.

As you will see I have enclosed a variety of photos of my own art piece; Come closer, look into my mind. This was the most ambitious piece of work I have ever attempted to make and I took a lot of risk with it, but i’m so happy with the result – it’s exactly how I pictured it to be when I drew my initial sketches. My class, the technicians, tutors and myself worked incredible hard to achieve our degree show and i’m very overwhelmed by the skill and development of my fellow course-mates and the dedicated team that built this show from just ideas.

Above: detailed photos of my piece
Below: photos demonstrating how the light-box was created inside a double skin wall.

The amount of artwork on show was very overwhelming and amazing to see such a high standard of work and it would be impossible to fit it all in one blog post, so below are photos of my favourite pieces (with artists names)  in Epilogue:

I first started my degree in 2014, as a very lost 18 y/o fresh from art college. I was terrified to start University, but it has been one of the best decisions of my life and made me the Artist and person I am today. I could never have guessed the amount I would achieve in just 3 years, it has flown by and I have met some of the best people I could ever want in my life. My practice has matured vastly with each year that passed, I would have never expected my work to help me deal with my fear towards death and be actively talking and analysing my fears as I make work. Some of my greatest achievements from doing my degree have been displaying my art in Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery, achieving a 1st on my dissertation – the most challenging task I have ever completed, using my love for printmaking and developing my own printing method and growing my confidence from being a shy college student to a graduate of the arts who can talk in front of a large group – something I never thought would happen.

Creative Art Practice Class of 2017

Above is a photo of my course, taken in the final week of setting up our degree show. These people have made my experience on this course everything, their honesty in crit’s allowed me to develop my practice, their ongoing support at every group meeting we have and the casual chat through the most stressful deadlines has made this experience. My degree allowed me to push boundaries and explore so much through art, it will be very sad to leave the course that made me the artist I am today, but I am very Thankful for it all. I’m very excited to see what is next.


Come closer, look into my mind / 2017



Come closer, look into my mind, 2017

Degree Show piece, exhibited in Epilogue, Sheffield Hallam University’s final Creative Art Practice degree show at Sheffield Institute of Arts, June 2017.

Lightbox piece made from 100cm acrylic paint and PVA glue cone print using a 45cm cone, on light diffusion acrylic, mounted behind a CNC cut studio wall structure, with 3x 90cm strip lights behind (within double skin wall).


Accompanying Degree Show Catalogue Statement:

A feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something

My personal fear is death; the unanswered questions and uncertainty that surrounds it.

As these thoughts are hidden in my mind I want my work to reflect this too, so my work at first appears as an image until you get closer and then text appears. I am interested in creating both image and text in my work, making a piece that hovers between the two.

I have developed my own method of printing. I carve text into a polystyrene cone and print it by rolling the cone in a circular motion, replicating the thoughts swirling around in my mind. I believe the image I have created is both ambiguous, yet hints at possibilities. Through my process of printing, I realised it helped me alleviate my fears, as I am physically pushing them all away.

I use song lyrics that resonate with my feelings of fear. In so doing, I acknowledge my fears through the words and my inner thoughts are impressed into the print. The lyrics I chose are a form of therapy for me, where I find my own personal contentment to ease my fears.

The illegibility of the text is a depiction of these overwhelming thoughts that plague my mind; not being able to fully read the text, embodies the feelings of uncertainty. In this piece, I enlighten the text as I want the viewer to experience my inner frustration and read into my mind.

More Documentation:


Text inside the print:

Lights out,
As the darkness falls over the light
There goes the day
And this fear that comes to the top of my mind won’t go away
All that I want is to wake up fine
To tell me that I’m alright, that I ain’t gonna die
life is very strange
People come and people go,
where do they go?
So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why
It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right
I hope you had the time of your life,
because one of these days, the clocks will stop and time won’t mean a thing,
the ground will drop out from beneath your feet
and your heart will stop and play its final beat,
It’s a shame we have to die, No one’s getting out of here alive
It’s a shame we have to disappear
you don’t know my mind
These dark necessities are part of my design
The light that was in my eyes has gone
Once you’ve gone you can never go back
I will not be here, nor there, not anywhere,
Avoid the void,
but I must not fear, in time it will be a shadow in my past,
But I will fear the night again
Now, I’ve just got to go
I’m just going
I’m gone

Take my words and turn them into sounds that will survive
Everlong is neverlong,
it all has to come to an end,
All our times have come
Here but now they’re gone
and what will happen to my mind when it does?
Will I be aware that I’ve closed my eyes for one last time,
will this blur of darkness be my everlong?
I was me but now, I’ve gone –
I think of that moment and darkness grows,
It takes over my mind,
these thoughts are too often,
Life it seems to fade away
Drifting further everyday
we’re all battling fear nothing else matters when this takes over,
I don’t know why we’re here
Oh my, too deep, please stop thinking
but fear will lose, it has to go,
so for now, I sit in silence.


All images taken by myself.

Degree Show / Preparation

As you can expect, Degree Show time is the busiest time for any student. There are so many deadlines and tasks to be fulfilled in order to achieve a successful exhibition. As my course; Creative Art Practice is no longer continuing, this show holds even more pressure, as it will be the final CAP degree show at Sheffield Hallam University’s, since its start 9 years ago. I suggested our degree show title that was selected by our class; Epilogue. Which defines as: A section at the end of the book that serves as comment on or a conclusion to what has happened previously. The title suggests an ending whilst also celebrating the present and past.

Our course degree show is part of the entire even of SIA degree show, below is the promotional leaflet for the event taking place 10th-23rd June 2017 at Sheffield Insititue of Arts, Old Post Office building:


I wanted to use this blog post to bring to attention all the tasks I am currently doing in preparation for our final degree show. Firstly is developing my artwork to display in the show. Since my experiments with neon like signs, I have wanted to incorporate the light aspect back into my work and I had the idea to develop a large scale light-box. I usually print quite small (no bigger that A2) and if there’s any time to be ambition, it’s your final exhibition on your degree. Below are some photos of design sketches and small prototype of my piece:

I am having a circle CNC cut out of a studio wall, which will frame the piece of acrylic. the light-box will be situated within a double skinned wall, and placed directly as the first piece of work you see upon entering the gallery, as it works well for my piece in order to firstly see the image and upon closer inspection, the viewer will discover the text.

I tested a few paint colours – all monochrome – and after receiving feedback, I have decided to print in black onto a piece of light diffusion acrylic, which is a milky white translucent plastic. I usually print with white onto black paper, so i’m intrigued to see the outcome of this large scale of it being so effective on a small scale.

I have carved the text already into the 45cm cone I am printing with. I usually use a 21cm cone so this is quite the step up in terms of size. The larger cone will print a 100cm circle approx and I am aiming to carve 350 words in the cone. This is the largest piece of art I have ever made and i’m so excited to see the final outcome, photos of me creating the piece are below:

As well as my artwork, I have been developing the degree show catalogue with a team and a graphic design student. This has been a very lengthy process but it is very close to being finished in time for the shows opening. I have taken on the most dominant role in this task and I am the first point of call to anything concerning the catalogue, I arrange the meetings, send emails to tutors and the graphic designer. The entire team have worked so well together, setting brief to students and tutors, designing the catalogue, following a budget and I am very proud of what we have achieved. below are some images of the catalogue and promotional material:

The final task has been preparing the gallery and exhibition spaces for our degree show. After being built by the technicians, as an entire course we have come together to clean up, paint, refine, design and finalise the spaces where our work will be placed, photos of this process are below. There has been such a sense of community and although stressful, long and tiresome and really enjoyable experience to work with peers and see our degree show be more and more finished each day.

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There are still a million things to be finished until our degree show is completed, so the next blog post you will see is either my final piece or the completed degree show. This entire experience has been very overwhelming but I have loved every second, I cannot wait to see the finished artworks of my course after working with them for 3 years.


All images are taken by myself.

Platform 17 / Documentation and Feedback

Platform 17 has now finished. It was open for 1 week at Sheffield’s Millennium Galleries; 28th March – 1st April. The exhibition consisted of 21 artists from Sheffield Hallam University, presenting work along the theme of Movement and Motion.

Below are photos of the exhibition:


The Opening Night was on March 27th, where invited guests, friends and family attended a private view of the exhibition at night. This was really great and I really enjoyed seeing people interact with my work.


I also invigilated the exhibition on March 30th, 10am – 1:30pm, and this gave me a chance to see the public interact with my work, and see people interact with other works. As the millennium galleries is a popular space, we had over 270 visitors in this short time alone.


Overall, Platform 17 has been a fantastic experience, displaying my work in the Millennium Galleries is a huge achievement for me, and I’m really proud that I pushed myself to do it and that I was a part of such a brilliant exhibition.

I received some great feedback from my work, and doing this has given myself and my work a lot of confidence. I have learnt a lot from doing this exhibition, which has given me more drive for degree show in a few months. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this brilliant opportunity.


All photos are my own.

Platform 17 / Installation

Installation of Platform 17 began yesterday (26th March) and finished today (27th March). The first day of installing was mainly focusing on curation, with help from Bank Street Arts in Sheffield.

Millennium Gallery, Cadman Room – before installation

For curation, the large free standing works were put in place first, then plinths and site specific works were set and finally wall based work was placed. My piece was very simple to hang, and I asked to be placed so the viewer needs to walk up to it and luckily I got the exact position.  After being informed of where everyone was placed, installation began.


My piece required very little effort and I was able to hang it myself; measuring the central point of the wall and the correct gallery eye height (160cm from the floor – the centre of the piece hangs at this height). I then used self adhesive magnets on the wall, placed my print on top and finally placing my hand painted black magnets over the print.

After hanging my own piece, it was then a case of helping other artists hang their works. Being on an art course, you are taught how to install and hang your own work, so after leaving the degree you are self – sufficient. The skills I’ve learnt from hanging my own work and installing exhibitions came into practice again with Platform 17 when installing other works.

Photos taken whilst installing the exhibition:

Overall, the installation of Platform 17 went smoothly and was very quick. All works are hung professionally, the placement of each piece brings out the best in the works and the exhibition looks great. Having curatorial input from Bank Street Arts was great; learning how they curate shows in their space and applying it to the Millennium Galleries was interesting, it was a good opportunity to work alongside another gallery in Sheffield and share curatorial input.

View from the Cherry Picker


All images are my own.

Platform 17 / Poster

The annual Platform exhibition held by Sheffield Hallam’s Arts and Culture Students Union was open for proposals again in January this year, with the theme of Movement and Motion. All applicants submitted a proposal of a 400 word statement and  an image of their selected artwork, which if successful would be exhibited in the Platform 17 exhibition in March 2017 at Sheffield’s Millennium Galleries.

My Mind - 2017

Since seeing the exhibition last year, I was excited to see that the theme of this years show,Movement and Motion, related to my work. I submitted a proposal of one of my cone prints, that I had previously exhibited in Fringe Aesthetics, titled ‘Where is my mind?‘. I was delighted to find out that my artwork was successful, and my cone print titled ‘My Mind’ (above image) will be exhibited in the Millennium Gallery for 1 week.

This is such a fantastic opportunity for me; to exhibit my work in such a popular gallery and widen my audience with it. I’m so pleased that my piece was selected by a committee, amongst many, many applicants. I am really proud to have accomplished this, especially as it is so soon after my previous exhibition last month.

Below is the poster for PLATFORM 17, it is open from 28th March – 1st April, opening night on 27th March:


We were given a copy of the leaflet, prior the exhibition and below is my statement, giving context to my work:

ULTRA / Documentation and feedback

On March 1st and 2nd, myself and 4 other artist’s displayed work at Bloc Projects in Sheffield in a show titled, ULTRA. All the works have the mutual theme of the colour blue, yet are all individual to the artist and differing in contexts.


The show was only open for two days, but we had many visitors, more than we were expecting from a show that was only advertised through our studios. We had all positive feedback from our peers, people who came in from the public and our tutors.

Below are photo’s i took of each artists work:

As a group of 5 artists, this will be our third group exhibition and I believe it to be our best. The artwork, our team work and our skills improve with each show and this is also noticed by our tutors and peers. This has been a great experience, and it was new to all work to a theme, i think having the theme of the colour blue brought new thoughts to each artist and an opportunity to reflect on where we want to take our work.


My own artwork was received well from the materials I used, and I got some great new feedback from tutors who haven’t seen my work before. The tutors who know my work well also gave me some comments that have lead me to decide which route to take my work in, which I will be discussing further in another blog post, but i’m happy with my feedback and how I will be moving on from ULTRA.

Re-hanging work:

As we had the studio space for a week, it was a great opportunity to experiment with different ways to hang our work. Below are images of the ways I placed my work differently. I firstly placed my print on the window as I have printed on a clear material. I’m really pleased with how this looks, the text really comes through from the natural light and this is reminiscent of a brain scan on a light box, which i will be experimenting with for degree show.

The second image shows the movement of my work to the very centre of the wall. Before my print was placed to the right on the wall and the illustration pieces by Rebecca Smith were to the left of the wall, so both pieces were separate. A few tutors suggested that my work needs to be moved to the centre, and they also suggested that the work be closer together, so we experimented with placement and decided on the above. I believe the works in fact look better, and the show felt more cohesive because of it.

Overall, this exhibition has been a great opportunity to experiment with artworks, ideas, placement and hanging methods.

(All photo’s are my own; excluding the group photo taken by Andrew Sneddon)