Come closer, look into my mind / 2017



Come closer, look into my mind, 2017

Degree Show piece, exhibited in Epilogue, Sheffield Hallam University’s final Creative Art Practice degree show at Sheffield Institute of Arts, June 2017.

Lightbox piece made from 100cm acrylic paint and PVA glue cone print using a 45cm cone, on light diffusion acrylic, mounted behind a CNC cut studio wall structure, with 3x 90cm strip lights behind (within double skin wall).


Accompanying Degree Show Catalogue Statement:

A feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something

My personal fear is death; the unanswered questions and uncertainty that surrounds it.

As these thoughts are hidden in my mind I want my work to reflect this too, so my work at first appears as an image until you get closer and then text appears. I am interested in creating both image and text in my work, making a piece that hovers between the two.

I have developed my own method of printing. I carve text into a polystyrene cone and print it by rolling the cone in a circular motion, replicating the thoughts swirling around in my mind. I believe the image I have created is both ambiguous, yet hints at possibilities. Through my process of printing, I realised it helped me alleviate my fears, as I am physically pushing them all away.

I use song lyrics that resonate with my feelings of fear. In so doing, I acknowledge my fears through the words and my inner thoughts are impressed into the print. The lyrics I chose are a form of therapy for me, where I find my own personal contentment to ease my fears.

The illegibility of the text is a depiction of these overwhelming thoughts that plague my mind; not being able to fully read the text, embodies the feelings of uncertainty. In this piece, I enlighten the text as I want the viewer to experience my inner frustration and read into my mind.

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Text inside the print:

Lights out,
As the darkness falls over the light
There goes the day
And this fear that comes to the top of my mind won’t go away
All that I want is to wake up fine
To tell me that I’m alright, that I ain’t gonna die
life is very strange
People come and people go,
where do they go?
So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why
It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right
I hope you had the time of your life,
because one of these days, the clocks will stop and time won’t mean a thing,
the ground will drop out from beneath your feet
and your heart will stop and play its final beat,
It’s a shame we have to die, No one’s getting out of here alive
It’s a shame we have to disappear
you don’t know my mind
These dark necessities are part of my design
The light that was in my eyes has gone
Once you’ve gone you can never go back
I will not be here, nor there, not anywhere,
Avoid the void,
but I must not fear, in time it will be a shadow in my past,
But I will fear the night again
Now, I’ve just got to go
I’m just going
I’m gone

Take my words and turn them into sounds that will survive
Everlong is neverlong,
it all has to come to an end,
All our times have come
Here but now they’re gone
and what will happen to my mind when it does?
Will I be aware that I’ve closed my eyes for one last time,
will this blur of darkness be my everlong?
I was me but now, I’ve gone –
I think of that moment and darkness grows,
It takes over my mind,
these thoughts are too often,
Life it seems to fade away
Drifting further everyday
we’re all battling fear nothing else matters when this takes over,
I don’t know why we’re here
Oh my, too deep, please stop thinking
but fear will lose, it has to go,
so for now, I sit in silence.


All images taken by myself.


Where is my mind? 2016/17

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Abbott

Where is my mind? 2016/17
Series of 9 cone prints, each individually measuring 57 x 57 cm
White Acrylic Paint on Black paper


Statement about the work:

These works embody my fear, thoughts and uncertainty towards dying and portray my constant worry and questioning of death. The circular images represent scans of my brain, where you will discover the thoughts and questions in my mind, through my own words and songs that help me make sense of what I fear the most.


The individual prints, click on a single print to view closer:

Individual photos and top featuring taken by myself.

In two minds, 2016

In two minds, 2016, Neon (EL Wire), Metal Wire, Black Canvas, 24inch X 24inch. Exhibited at APG Works in Within These Walls exhibition.


Statement about the piece:

Lydia Jackson conveys her feelings towards the thought of dying and a hope that life doesn’t just end completely through her artwork. Finding it difficult to explain such feelings towards her fear of death, Lydia has found the use of text within her work allows a much deeper process of thought, a way to express a particular attitude. Using her thoughts as the text she allows herself to be confronted with the anxiety directly, this focus becomes a way of contentment.

“I make the neon’s by taking two words and putting them together to make one word, so it changes the original meaning/context. Some letters will appear in a different colour or flash, so the viewer will see a word within a word and this will also change how you see the singular words when they are put together, creating a statement.”


The piece exhibited at Within These Walls in APG Works, 2016


So close, no matter how far, 2016

So close, no matter how far, 2016
Masking Fluid, Ink, Watercolour Paper, Painted Wooden Discs – 2 x 30cm, 2 x 25cm, 3 x 17.5cm (Sizes of Vinyl Records). Exhibited at APG Works in Within These Walls Exhibition.


Statement about the work:

Dying is inevitable but when you fear it, it becomes one of life’s greatest hurdles. In her artwork, Lydia Jackson conveys her feelings towards the thought of dying and a hope that life doesn’t just end completely. Finding it difficult to explain such feelings towards her fear of death, She defines it as, “a void, a feeling of unexplained nothingness” comparing it to space; an infinite unknown.




Photo’s of each individual Voids:


Video of the piece, showing the narrative of it:

Untitled (voids), 2016



Untitled (voids),2016, series of 5 mounted Mono-prints, Black printing ink on sketchbook paper, 29 x 29 cm, (unmounted – 25 x 25 cm )


Statement about the work:

Qualities of Neons signs transposed into Mono-prints. Notice a white glow around the words; this represents the glow of a neon. This is then surrounded by intermittent darkness which represents the surroundings a neon sign requires.

Mono-prints provide a very unique aesthetic; they have a naive quality yet retain a rawness and truth to them.  They are formed in that moment and can never be replicated, they create a bridge for Text into Image.
Individual Prints:



All Photo’s taken by myself.

(A)VOID, 2016

Image above of the the whole neon flashing on. Image below when the neon is flashing off


(A)VOID, 2016, L-28 inches X H- 8 Inches. Flashing and still Neon Sign made using 2x 3M Neon EL Wires on Metal Wire.


Video of the Neon sign:


All Photo’s and Video’s taken by myself.

Body, No Body. 2016

Image above, when the neon is flashing off. Image below, when the Neon is flashing on.

Body, No Body. 2016, L-33 inches X H-6 inches. Flashing and still Neon sign made using 2x 3m Neon EL Wires and Metal Wire.


Video of the Neon:


All Photo’s and Video’s taken by myself.