Cyanotype Salvation 2 / Book


As I mentioned previously, I didn’t want to just abandon the cyanotypes I had made. So, from this I began to create texture with them (below), this looked interesting in photos, but in person was really unprofessional. I then began to fold the cyanotypes and I then came up with the idea of using my skills I had recently learnt in a bookbinding workshop and make a book of cyanotypes.


I folded the cyanotypes to create a rectangular shape, and so, on the back formed a white line. I intended the book to be both a book and quite sculptural, but it feels too much; like I’m throwing too many aspects at one piece. I like the idea of a book turned sculpture, and I like how the edge resembles a heartbeat, but it still feels lacking – it’s not what I want to convey:

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The sculptural aspect of the book:


Although I dislike this piece, my tutors really like it. I think this will be something I return to and analyse further as to why I don’t like it, since the feedback on it so positive.


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