Platform 17 / Installation

Installation of Platform 17 began yesterday (26th March) and finished today (27th March). The first day of installing was mainly focusing on curation, with help from Bank Street Arts in Sheffield.

Millennium Gallery, Cadman Room – before installation

For curation, the large free standing works were put in place first, then plinths and site specific works were set and finally wall based work was placed. My piece was very simple to hang, and I asked to be placed so the viewer needs to walk up to it and luckily I got the exact position.  After being informed of where everyone was placed, installation began.


My piece required very little effort and I was able to hang it myself; measuring the central point of the wall and the correct gallery eye height (160cm from the floor – the centre of the piece hangs at this height). I then used self adhesive magnets on the wall, placed my print on top and finally placing my hand painted black magnets over the print.

After hanging my own piece, it was then a case of helping other artists hang their works. Being on an art course, you are taught how to install and hang your own work, so after leaving the degree you are self – sufficient. The skills I’ve learnt from hanging my own work and installing exhibitions came into practice again with Platform 17 when installing other works.

Photos taken whilst installing the exhibition:

Overall, the installation of Platform 17 went smoothly and was very quick. All works are hung professionally, the placement of each piece brings out the best in the works and the exhibition looks great. Having curatorial input from Bank Street Arts was great; learning how they curate shows in their space and applying it to the Millennium Galleries was interesting, it was a good opportunity to work alongside another gallery in Sheffield and share curatorial input.

View from the Cherry Picker


All images are my own.


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