ULTRA / Documentation and feedback

On March 1st and 2nd, myself and 4 other artist’s displayed work at Bloc Projects in Sheffield in a show titled, ULTRA. All the works have the mutual theme of the colour blue, yet are all individual to the artist and differing in contexts.


The show was only open for two days, but we had many visitors, more than we were expecting from a show that was only advertised through our studios. We had all positive feedback from our peers, people who came in from the public and our tutors.

Below are photo’s i took of each artists work:

As a group of 5 artists, this will be our third group exhibition and I believe it to be our best. The artwork, our team work and our skills improve with each show and this is also noticed by our tutors and peers. This has been a great experience, and it was new to all work to a theme, i think having the theme of the colour blue brought new thoughts to each artist and an opportunity to reflect on where we want to take our work.


My own artwork was received well from the materials I used, and I got some great new feedback from tutors who haven’t seen my work before. The tutors who know my work well also gave me some comments that have lead me to decide which route to take my work in, which I will be discussing further in another blog post, but i’m happy with my feedback and how I will be moving on from ULTRA.

Re-hanging work:

As we had the studio space for a week, it was a great opportunity to experiment with different ways to hang our work. Below are images of the ways I placed my work differently. I firstly placed my print on the window as I have printed on a clear material. I’m really pleased with how this looks, the text really comes through from the natural light and this is reminiscent of a brain scan on a light box, which i will be experimenting with for degree show.

The second image shows the movement of my work to the very centre of the wall. Before my print was placed to the right on the wall and the illustration pieces by Rebecca Smith were to the left of the wall, so both pieces were separate. A few tutors suggested that my work needs to be moved to the centre, and they also suggested that the work be closer together, so we experimented with placement and decided on the above. I believe the works in fact look better, and the show felt more cohesive because of it.

Overall, this exhibition has been a great opportunity to experiment with artworks, ideas, placement and hanging methods.

(All photo’s are my own; excluding the group photo taken by Andrew Sneddon)


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