ULTRA / Installation

Today we installed our exhibition; ULTRA, into the gallery space of Bloc Projects. We took around 3 hours to fully install everyone’s work and all has gone to plan.


We firstly curated the show and roughly placed each artwork in the space (above image). All the works are equally spaced out, and each piece is on it’s own and have their own space; so no one work is overpowering.

The first piece we hung was the 3 large boards to take centre space on the large wall, each wooden panel had to be drilled in each corner. We then drilled the holes in the wall and secured them with screws. This was the most difficult task in the show as it required abit of precision and attention, but we did it, and they look great.

It was then a matter of using panel pins and command strips to secure all the other pieces to walls and the floor piece to be arranged by the artist.

My print only needed 4 panel pins to secure and the use of the spirit level; it was very straight forward.

I’m really impressed with the show and us as 5 art students. In all our previous shows we have either used very basic hanging methods or help from a superior, but this was the first show where we fully installed the work ourselves and did not require help. This show is also the first time some of us have used a drill; myself included, which was daunting as silly as that sounds, but from this we have all learnt an extremely valuable skill and we are fully capable to install our own work to a high quality.

Yet again, our group of 5 artists have worked incredibly well together and produced a great show in my opinion, i’m glad we took this opportunity to display work so soon after the SIA exhibition and it has pushed us all to make new work along a strict theme; the colour blue. I believe we have proved ourselves and our capacity through this show, and we all feel more confident towards our degree show in the summer from this.




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