Andy Warhol / Whitworth Art Gallery


Yesterday, I went back to Manchester to visit The Whitworth Gallery as one of my favourite artist’s; Andy Warhol, had a solo exhibition on. I purposely went to see this show as my favourite artwork; Electric Chair, was on show and this would be the first time I have seen it in person.

Below are some images from Andy Warhol: Artist Rooms:

I love the majority of Warhol’s work and i know his work well, but at this show I realised how much I love his works in black and white, where he has printed the same design in opposite tones – it somewhat reminds me of my own colour palette and my use of the negative.

Electric Chair:
I finally got to see my favourite artwork, the pieces I have aspired to since starting art school. There were 10 different colour variations, each depicting the same haunting image of an awaiting electric chair, used on prisoners on death row in America from the late 1920’s to the late 1970’s. What I love about the pieces so much is the image of the chair, the space surrounding it is so empty, there’s a tension building, waiting for the next prisoner to take their seat. This particular chair expresses such history, and to see it in so many colour variations and still be so haunting is fascinating to me.


Series of 10 silk screened images on paper, 1971. Part of Warhol’s ‘Death and Disasters’ series.


This is a series of work I have never seen by Warhol, but I instantly fell in love with. He has a fantastic relationship to the theatrical and real life; it is obvious that Warhol is staging the scene, but I feel there is a struggling real life undertone to the image too.


I really love how he has used the similar colours in each piece to tie the whole set together, but there is still bursts of colour in each individual piece. I love Warhol’s humour and bringing the light side of death out in his work, his work can be tragic at times but it also has a bright side to it too.
Other works at The Whitworth:



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