Embossing / Workshop

Embossing is a process I have been interested in for a while now, but it has only recently been available at our print studio’s at uni. The embossing technique uses compression form weight and air suction, to create an impression on paper that is a relief of the object you place beneath the paper.

For this, I laser cut text from acrylic sheet, creating 2 sets of text; one for embossing which is the rectangular piece, and one for de-bossing ; the individual acrylic letters.

Acrylic for embossing:

Acrylic for de-bossing:

The first technique i tried was embossing, which created a raised text effect, by pushing weight down onto the acrylic rectangle and suctioning air upwards beneath the letters. I used both wet and dry paper for this, the wet paper meant the text would be more raised as the paper is more pliable.

Embossing – Dry paper

Embossing – Wet paper


I then used the individual acrylic letters to experiment with de-bossing. I firstly had to apply spray mount to the letters and set them onto paper in place, so the text was in-line. De-bossing is the same technique as embossing, but prsses the text down into the paper, instead of raising it. Again, I used both wet and dry paper, but the wet paper made a heavier impression.

De-bossing – Dry paper

De-bossing – Wet paper

I really enjoyed this process, and i’m impressed with the outcomes, I prefer the effect of embossing, but i’m not happy with the rectangular frame, so I would need to increase the size of the surface next time. Obviously this was an experiment, so the prints aren’t perfect – the spray mounted letter stuck to the paper and tore it slightly, the pressure was too much which resulted in the tearing of the letters and the marks on the prints are a result of the burnt edges of the acrylic, which I need to remember to clean next time around. But I can see the technique in person now, and return back to the print room to use the embosser solely.



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