Cyanotypes of ‘Where is my mind?’

I have been wanting to get back into the print room, as printmaking is my passion and I haven’t used in my practice in a while, so I decided to get back by firstly using Cyanotype.

The process for cyanotype is great, and I love seeing my designs as negatives, in order to expose them, so the final outcome is the correct way around. The outcome of cyanotype is always different, and only when it’s finished, you can see if it has been done correctly or not – so there’s always an element of risk involved, which is fun.

I used my prints from Fringe Aesthetics, as my designs to print. I used these in order to see them in a different way, I think making the same design with a different process or colour can bring a lot of perspective and new ideas. Below are my outcomes:



I’m please with my final prints, it’s nice to see the original prints on a smaller scale but still having the same amount of detail. The cyanotypes of my prints made me see them as more medical, perhaps the academic history of the blue print is why, or seeing them to a correct size, that a doctor would print a brain scan.

Although, I did cyanotype for the purpose of the process and outcome, the aspect that stood out to me was in fact the negative print outs, used to cast the images on the the light sensitive coated paper. They really resemble brain scans and x-rays to me, as that’s what they have basically become – I intend to use these as points of reference in order to take them bigger and develop my prints further:



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