Something Blue / Preparation for ULTRA exhibition

I am part of an upcoming exhibition at Bloc projects in a few weeks, titled; ULTRA. The connective theme for this show is all the works produced by the 5 artists involved, is to be the colour blue.

It’s clear from my blog, that I rarely use colour and my normal palette is black and white, so using blue in my work was quite difficult as there is no connection to my context of mortality and fear.

From this, I decided to use this artwork and exhibition to experiment with the record idea, in the hopes that I would finally conclude whether to push my work to be reflective of brain scans or vinyl records.


I have used a mixture of dark navy blue and a lighter, more electric blue. I have used these colours from a reference image of a limited edition clear blue splattered vinyl, so the suggestion of ‘one-off’ and speciality comes through from the piece.

Vinyl record I used as a reference for my print.

I have printed on acetate, so it will look slightly shiny on a wall, but still clear – as though it is printed onto the wall, without doing so.

The finished outcome:


I have used Metallica’s song, Fade to Black, in the print, which is a song about death and one i used in my previous prints. The paint is a mixture of PVA glue and acrylic paint, to achieved a shine on the print so it would suggest a vinyl record and i’m really pleased with this combination and how it looks on the acetate, I feel this is an improvement from the paper i have used previously.

I’m still really unsure on my thoughts toward this piece, I really like how it looks and the textures but as for the context of the vinyl record, I feel a disconnect and the pieces where I am investigating the brain and thoughts are stronger compared to this.

None-the-less, I am still going to present this piece in ULTRA, and await feedback from peers and tutors, even though I am sure I will not be continuing with the vinyl record influence.



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