Pushing the Record Idea

In a tutorial, it was suggested to me that I push my work to be more focused on vinyl records and music, rather than brain scans and thoughts. My tutor explained that when viewing my prints, they only saw records and the texture and lines of text screamed vinyl records.

As of right now, I am uncertain which way to take my work, so from this suggestion I experimented with the reference of vinyl records, as my practice is influenced by music and i feel this shouldn’t go unnoticed.


I firstly produced my own ‘vinyl record LP’. I used the LP sleeve of Nirvana;’s album; Nevermind, and used one of my favourite printing processes, Cyanotype to create the record sleeve. For the record, I produced 2 cyanotypes; one of the front of the the LP, the other of the back. I then cut and constructed them into the sleeve

With reference to my own records, I then made the record in sleeve using paper and finally placed one of my laser cut, acrylic records inside to finish the piece.


As an object, I’m really impressed with the likeness to a real record, mine is the size of a 7″ LP. It’s a really tactile piece and it has interest, but as an artwork I don’t feel it works. This was only ever an experiment, which I hoped would inspire me further, but unfortunately it hasn’t.


I also produced a record with laser cut, but using blue acrylic. I also made my own label using laser cut on paper and using my own words. The idea behind this was to suggest a limited edition record, in which some of them have colour in the vinyl. I intended the idea of a ‘one-off’ piece to be portrayed.

I feel at a loss with both of these experiments and the idea of making my work about the vinyl record. My work about thoughts and looking into the brain scan reference is stronger than the influence of records, I feel a connection with my own interpretation of  CT head scans and my fears are truly realised in those works, they are more personal and the brain is a much richer reference point.

Although I am still lost, I feel more confident with the brain scan ideas and work – and doing these works surrounding records has been helpful for me to make that decision.


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