Fringe Aesthetics / Doccumentation and Feedback

Our collective group exhibition held by creative art practice third year students took place on 19th and 20th January. Our opening preview night on the 19th was a success and the gallery was constantly full until closing.

All the artworks on show were careful placed by the curation team, and overall I feel this was our best group show to date, it gave us all insight as to what to expect at our degree show. This exhibition also gave us a practice run at our degree show, and i personally have learnt a lot form this experience.

My artwork; pictured above, titled ‘Where is my mind’, was on the first wall, and one of the first artworks viewers saw as they entered the gallery. The placement of my work was important and I requested that the viewers must see the work from afar at first, and then have to walk up to the piece in order to see the text and details. I feel my placement in the gallery did justice to my piece and it was approached how I intended it to be.

An aspect of my work that wasn’t a success was the material, I feel the the thin paper i used did not do justice for the prints, and in reflection I think a thicker paper would have been a better option. I have learnt from this mistake and now realise how a choice in materials can effect the work.

I received a lot of positive feedback on my work; how intriguing the prints are, the frustration of trying t read text that is illegible and the way I hung my work with magnets was very well commended. I also received some comments on how to move forward form this piece in preparation for degree show, which I am excited to experiment with shortly. Overall, i feel Fringe Aesthetics was a resounding success and it has been a great opportunity to trial our current works in a gallery space and learn from this.

Below are some images of the artworks on show at Fringe Aesthetics:


(All photo’s are my own)


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