Cone Prints / Vinyl Record

As my work is influenced by my adoration for music, the text in some of my prints have song lyrics in them. The songs I have used are by my favourite artists and are about death which helps me understand and make sense of death in many ways. The circular motif has often been referred to as resembling a vinyl record from the shape and the circle gap in the middle.

As a means to further suggest the use and context of music in my work, it was suggested to me that I make the paint I print with, more like a vinyl record – so making the paint thicker and shiny.


To achieve this I added PVA glue to thick acrylic paint, as when dry it would achieve a slight shine, and when printing black on black would have a subtle but very noticeable difference from the different textures.

I’m pleasantly surprised with the finished outcome, when I printed this initially, I had very low hopes for an effective finish because it was so difficult to print form the addition of the glue. However, I think the PVA and acrylic create a really heavy consistency that is comparable to the vinyl of a record, so i’m pleased with the visual of the piece.

As for the context of the music being pushed, i’m not sure this is as successful as my prints towards the CT head scans. With the head scans, I feel I can connect to an overall context, with the music lead idea, I think something is lost – maybe the anxiety I feel and the emotion I have toward death.

I think I will have to re-consider which direction I want to take my work in, and possibly re-visit this textural process.


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