Cone Print / Song Length

It was suggested to me that I could add subliminal context to my prints with song lyrics as the text, by expressing the length of the song through the period I spin the cone. With my other prints, I rotate the cone once so the full circle is formed, however with this experiment, I will be spinning the cone for the length of a song.

For both these experiments, I used the song ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’ by Blue Oyster Cult. Below is a print, where I spun the cone from the start of the 5.10 minute song to the end, spinning the cone 81 times in total, as the paint thinned to nothing on the cone, I was simply rotating the cone, creating the slightest of blur on the previous paint prints.



I then spun the cone for less time, and made the print only for the length of verse that features on the cone, for only 1.72 minutes, which produced a less blurred print with the text slightly more visible than the above one:



I’m really interested in how constantly spinning the cone has created an obvious swirl image, that is not present in my original prints. These now replicate a spinning record to me, which has successfully achieved the idea of adding more of a music context to the prints, and I may return to this particular process in the new semester.


All photos taken by myself.


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