Cone Prints / Negative Experiment

In one of my tutorials, it was suggested to me that I do a negative print of one of my original prints, so it would be a series of two prints – both the opposite of each other. I decided to do this by making a normal cone print with white paint on black paper, and then glue string into the carved text in the cone and print this with black paint on white paper. Below is the result:

These prints both use the same cone, with the words ‘AVOID VOID’ continually around it. It’s really strange to see these two together, because each print shows what the other print is missing and they have completely different feels to them. Removing the text and putting it on it’s own has created a dynamic feel to me, because before this exercise I was unaware that the text was so absent from the normal print.

The isolated text has a positive feel to it, where as the normal cone print feels quite draining and macabre, these two prints really make me question and they baffle me, which is an aspect I love and it makes sense in terms of my context of uncertainty.


With the prints below, I took the isolated text print, and edited it to become a negative of the original – which creates a double negative of the original cone print.

These prints make me think of concrete poetry, where a body of text is shaped into an image that reflect the content of the text. The idea of my prints contemplating death, and my thoughts being continuous, so the idea of my print becoming concrete poetry makes sense with my context.

I’m really pleased with both sets of prints and how they come across, and i feel they are worth exploring further in the future. I think in terms of time, they need more consideration and i want to take time with this, so they wouldn’t be pieces to show at the interim show, but maybe coming back to them in semester 2. Doing these prints has also suggested bringing digital art into my work, but again this would need to planned as I would need workshops or time to experiment with different programmes.


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