Resemblance / 2

Last week I presented two of my cone prints to my crit group; one original print and one print with more text in it. I did this in preparation for the upcoming SIA exhibition and wanted advice to which type of print to make more of for the show?

I Received positive feedback on both – told to use both in a mixture and also given more visual references to what my work resembles:


  • texture of them and the text being pushed into a surface
  • weathered gravestones – text becomes illegible to read, texture of deterioration
  • relates to the context of my prints heavily (death)
  • similar tones and textures to my prints



  • stones that come in pairs, used in mills to grind grains
  • they are placed against each other and pressure is applied to the grains fall into the indents and are then grinded
  • similar shape, pattern, tone, texture and idea of direction that is in my prints


Roman Wax Tablets

  • reusable and portable writing tablets used from 27 BC and on-wards
  • made from wood and wax originally and then developed into bronze
  • text was left indented on the tablets – an impression was made – similar to my prints
  • idea of something that was there, that made an impression


The Rosetta Stone

  • created in 196 BC and found in 1799, The Rosetta Stone is a rock stele (a monument for commemorative purposes, that is taller than it is wide) Inscribed in the stone is a decree of the Priest of Memphis issued in Egypt by King Pbolmny V
  •  it has 3 scripts that all say the same; one is Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, the second is demotis script and finally Ancient Greek, all three texts were the only used at this time period
  • the stone has a similar texture to my prints and how the text is in lines and imprinted, also similar to my work

After hearing these resemblances to my work, the idea of history resonates with me and how I could possibly push the idea of a past into my work, with references to these images and objects.


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