Music / Creating my own piece of text

For my set of 9 prints, i already had 4 with few words and 4 using song lyrics, all 8 would be the outer prints in my 3 x 3 square. The only print left was the middle and for this one, i wanted to bring the essence and words of the other print in but as one, to represent the rapid overthinking i do when i think about death. Below is what i composed using a mixture of my own words and some of the essential lyrics from the 4 songs i chose:

Everlong is neverlong,
So I am going, I am just going, I am gone,
There is nothing more for me,
needed the end to set me free,
yesterday never existed,
death greeted me warm,
now I say goodbye,
I’m not here, not there, not anywhere,
He appeared saying don’t be afraid,
come on baby,
I had no fear,
I ran to him,
we started to fly,
come on,
Don’t fear the reaper,
Avoiding the void,
This time there was no sound to hide behind,
we’re all battling fear,
oh dear,
i don’t know why we are here,
oh my,
too deep,
please stop thinking,
I have these thoughts too often but now I just sit in silence.


I’m really please with how it reads and i feel it does convey my overthinking and thought process when i think about death, more so than the other prints. I feel as though this will be the most poignant print and I plan to write up the cone, which will allow for more text to be carved into the cone, i’m really excited to see the outcome of this particular piece.


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