Cone Prints / More Text in the Cone

After experimenting with single or few words in my cone prints, it only felt natural to then test adding more text into the prints, and I did this by writing around the cone horizontally, so the texts wraps around and up the cone in lines.

These first few experiments are to test how the text would print when the amount is changed, and i’m really happy with the outcomes, they have so much more interest and these really draw you in, they make you want to come closer and read what all the text is saying, the aspect of intrigue is heightened with the additional text.


These prints are a lot bigger than the previous sets above, and they keep getting better. I really love these prints and how the text lays in the circle, the effect of the uneven paint looks amazing when paint is and isn’t picked up. I’m really excited to go further with these prints, and experiment with more text in connection to my context of overwhelming thoughts.

These prints really depict the feeling I have when I think about death; vast amount of thoughts at once, more so than the prints with smaller amounts of text. I t will be interesting to see how both prints sit together.


(All photo’s are my own)


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