Anemic Cinema by Marcel Duchamp

A Dadasit/Surrealist short, experimental film by French Artist; Marcel Duchamp, born 1887. Stills of the video can be seen above and the actual video can be seen below:

Made in 1926, this short film see’s various circular depictions, with various motifs from spirals and text, spinning in a transcendent manor, the text itself contains puns in French, which suggests a humorous context to the work. A very hypnotic short, that I think resembles my own own work, with it’s use of text, direction, spiral and way that it causes the audience to fall into a light trance. This is something I think this film does spectacularly, and I aspire to have the trance effect in my own work.

“Duchamp creates a dualism between silence and loudness through images.”

I really love the vintage illusion this film has, as though it would be a magic trick Houdini would have made to hypnotise his audience. With the black and white tones, it’s really interesting to compare this film to my own work and seeing this film has given me insight into how I can adapt my prints into other practices, or even add movement to my prints in order to create the trance effect.



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