Rorschach Tests

Created by Herman Rorschach in 1921, The Rorschach Test is a psychological exam where the subjects perception of a series of inkblots is recorded and then analysed for psychological practice and for the patient.


the results of these tests are open to psychological interpretation using complex algorithms, which are then used to examine the subjects personality, emotional and characteristics functions. The images are created by painting a loosely representative image of something; an animal, object. This page is then folded in half, creating  mirror image imprint on the other-side, but an overall abstract image is created but has an image replicated in it, which the subject then see’s and suggests.


I relate Rorschach tests to my own cone prints because similarly, my prints are open to interpretation, there is no defining image represented through the circle, but people still suggest to me what they relate it to. In both the tests and my prints, uncertainty is key, nothing is certain in both images and this is where the suggestive representation come is ‘is it a…?’ ‘i see a…’. The Rorschach tests are also very unreadable with i can compare to my own work. I really like the idea of my prints being like my own Rorschach tests as my prints depict my thoughts and mind directly.



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