Collage / Resemblance

After hearing all the references to my work and what the prints look like, I created a collage of all these images, that I an compare my work to. I cropped all the images into circles because my prints are circle and I turned them all black and white so again, they replicate my prints. Below is an image of the collage in my sketchbook:


Images from left to right:

-TOP ROW – Vintage weather radar, Beatles vinyl record, Arial photo of a hurricane, Iris of an eye

-MIDDLE ROW- Google result of near death experience, whorl fingerprint, vinyl record, 1960’s weather radar showing a hurricane

-BOTTOM ROW – Ship radar display, CT head scan, Slice of tree, light at the end of a tunnel (another result from google of near death experience)

Doing this collage, has shown me the possibilities of where i can go with my prints, and all the different contexts I can express through my prints. It’s great to see all these images together and uniform in shape and colour and i can see so many similarities in them to my prints. It is also gives me ideas to what i can do in terms of display as I can image my prints set out like they are above.


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