Laser Cut / Workshop

I’ve always wanted to experiment with laser cutting, so this semester i signed up to do a workshop which took course over 3 sessions. I love the potential laser cut has, I don’t necessarily see using laser cut as a finished artwork, but it gives you opportunity to mock-up an idea. Over the sessions, we used the programme corel draw to draw up our designs and then using a trotec engraver to bring our designs to life. We used various materials throughout the sessions including; ply wood, acrylic and cartridge paper. Below are all the experiments I made with my various designs engraved on:

Spiral of 50 rings on Wood:
-This was very simple, corel draw allows you to draw and manipulate shapes, so I gave a spiral 50 rings. From the rings being so small, the overall effect is quite subtle.

Vinyl Record design on Clear Acrylic
– From my prints resembling records, I decided to draw up my own record design and carve it into 3mm clear acrylic, which has achieve quite a ghostly effect.

Vinyl Record with my text inside on Black Acrylic
– I used the record design again, but added my own words into the middle where a label would go on a normal LP, and I have also used black acrylic to emulate a real vinyl record. I like how similar it is to a normal LP, it’s as though I have made a real one that i could play.

Vinyl Record with my text inside on Clear Acrylic
– The same design as above, but in clear acrylic again. I prefer the black acrylic version as it looks more sophisticated.

Vinyl Record with my text inside on Wood
– This has given a really good result and it’s humorous how useless the object it, it doesn’t even look like it can be played because of the material, but the design looks like a vinyl record, it has a limit to it now because it could never be played.

Vinyl Record with my text inside on Cartridge Paper
– I love the effect of the laser cut on the paper, it has a fragility to it now and it’s really beautiful. It feels really tense in how it could so easily be ripped, and how the etching could have gone so wrong – it resembles bone to me and it’s interesting to think of carving text into bone.

Iris of an eye photo with bitmap traced on wood
– With this piece I traced the bitmap of an image of an eye from google, and this tracing has shown the detail in image and possibly the eye. It really reminds me of my own prints, and the even texture they have, I imagine if I were to outline the details in my print, it would look similar to this eye.

I’m interested in the outcomes that have come from this workshop, and i am going to explore the laser cutter further by booking in on my own. From this workshop, I am confident to use the technology and i’m excited to see what else i can do.


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