Cone Prints / Colour to push the Context

On all the prints I have previously experimented with, I have used mainly white paint on black paper, very monochromatic. I have then took colour into consideration and how colour can evoke a particular image, and therefore the colour would suggest the context of the print. From the suggestions to what the circular image resembles, I have chosen colours that would therefore push that context – experimenting on both black and white paper:

Closed Eye
-Mixed the pink of an eyelid and black to represent darkness, to suggest an eye that is shut


CT Head Scan
– Mixture of black, white and various tines of grey, referencing images of CT head scans and the uneven textures they have


Iris of an Eye
– Mixture of dark blue, white, black and pale blue, referencing my own eye colour


After doing these experiments, I realise that these prints all look better with the black paper background. With the white paper, I feel they look cheap and something is lost, on black, they all have an eerie aspect to them, especially the iris/eye piece.

Overall, i’m not happy with the majority of these prints, I think when colour is added the unusual aspect is lost an they become something I don’t want them to be. With the original white paint/black paper, they have an alien quality and they are unrecognisable, with the additional colour there is nothing to them, except the iris/eye black background print, i really love the deterioration and presence of a life in that piece, but it’s going to be incredibly difficult to replicate that again, as prints are different with every new print.

Doing these experiments has shown me why I don’t want colour in my prints, which gives me a path to follow next, focusing on refining the original black and white pieces.


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