Process / Analysing the making of a Cone Print

Through a series of workshops titled constellation, where we analyse our work and what drives it, as well as the research and writing of my dissertation currently, I realised that my process explains a lot about myself and my cone prints.

In my dissertation, I am focusing of the uncertainty that arises when an artwork features both text and image, and when they are so integrated, the audience is unsure whether they are to decide the piece is text based or a visual image artwork. For my essay, I have referenced Idris Khans wall drawings and how these are a prime example of where text and image are so integrated, that they create uncertainty.

‘True belief belongs to true realms of real knowledge’, Idris Khan, Oct 2016, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester

I have concluded in my paper that in order to define such a piece of text/image artwork, you need to see the Artists process and making of the piece to determine the outcome. When viewing and analysing Khan’s process of making a wall drawing, I decided that these works are in fact TEXT, as when seeing him make the piece, he firstly stamps the lines of text, which he builds up to them become the image we see.

Considering this to my own work, I conclude that my prints are in fact image. Although text is present in the piece, what is actually being printed is the surface surrounding the text; the surface of the cone. The text becomes part of the negative space along with the paper background.


Below are images of me during my process of making a (large scale) cone print:

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I also discovered a lot about the artwork and artist when analysing my own process, was Khan physically stamping away his grief? In terms of my work, does the rolling of the cone represent a life cycle? does it represent my thoughts physically spinning around my head? I also believe from this analysis, that I am expressing uncertainty through my prints and this has become part of the context of my work.

Analysing the process has identified many key points to the artists and artwork, and I realise the importance of my process through this and how it needs to be constantly analysed and thought of, since it has so much definition to the work I produce.


(All images are my own)


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