Large Scale Cone Prints

After showing my previous cone prints to my crit group and tutors, the comment to make the prints larger and scale was constant and it also seemed like the next step to me, to increase the size of them. The previous print when presented on a wall alone, become lost and all the interest in them went, so I hoped that by making them larger, they would command the space and my audience would be immersed in the larger print.



All the prints in this post are using larger cones, the one above uses a 60cm cone, making the whole piece 150cm, and the second size cone I used was 45cm, making the whole piece 110cm.

As these were so much bigger than my other prints, it took 2 people to set up and I had to kneel on the studio floor and physically push the cone around. It was more strenuous than the others, but I really enjoyed making them, it felt like child’s play.


Although I really enjoyed the process, I feel they lose the texture, pattern and interest the originals have. The largeness of these and the effort it took to spin the cone, meant less pressure was applied to the cone and less of an imprint was made, and the text is non-existent in a bad way.

I really love the bigger scale of these prints, as they take up your whole view and they have become more commanding and dominate the space they are in. I need to keep this large scale, but have the qualities the original prints, something I will be working toward.


(All photos are my own)


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