Mark Wallinger / Artist

Born 1959, Mark Wallinger is a British Artist creating vast artworks, concerning various themes and mediums. Above and below are some of Wallinger’s ID Paintings, where just like a Rorschach test, he paints one side of the large scale page, using paint and his hands, which he them folds over to make a mirror print on the other side of the page.

I’m really interested in how the artist labels these as ‘self-portraits’. They can be interpreted in so many ways as a Rorschach test intends, but this then questions so much to the audience. In one way they are non’human and very alien in aesthetic, but they are also the truest representation of self from the reference to Rorschach, where the tests reveal our deepest thoughts and the way we think.


These pieces are made with blind instinct, we search for clues in the works to what we can see and how it can relate to the artist. Wallinger explains, “every viewer is exposed and implicated here”, which is very true and an aspect I love, this is something I want to strive for in my own work, and the more i think about it, my prints are a self portrait too.


Below is Wallinger’s commissioned piece; Labyrinth, 2013. These individual pieces are all the artists re-creations on each of the 270 tube stops in commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the London Underground. Although the context is completely unrelated to my work, I really like this specific image and how the pieces are displayed in the grid, it really reminds me of a set of brain scans. I also like how all the images have the same line pointing down, it makes them come together as a set and they look more professional this way, display is something I need to consider in my own work and seeing these circular artworks has given me ideas.



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-ID Paintings –


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