Resemblance / 1

This week I presented my developed cone prints to an audience during a critique, overall my prints got positive responses and I really enjoyed seeing people find the text and I was commended on creating my own printing technique. I also  received a lot of responses as to what the circular motif resembled. At this stage, there is no strict image I am wanting to convey through the circle, and is something I am going to develop this semester, but it was really interesting to hear all the different references and how they can connect to my context of my fear of death.


  • relates to a life, and in turn death – when the eye is closed
  • daunting to think eyes are staring at you – as though they are judging or waiting
  • cones of the eye – connection to my printing tool

Vinyl Record:

  • Connection to my use and inspiration of music – can bring the lyrics back into my work
  • Music helps me find contentment – so using it in the context of death will be interesting and will help me come to terms with it possibly


  • idea of finding something or searching
  • suggestion of being lost
  • attempting to try and find answers, which I am doing

CT Head Scan:

  • the prints become a scan of my brain and the text inside the prints are my thoughts
  • similar textures and uneven pattern as a CT scan
  • similar circular shape, maybe attempt to make prints more oval?
  • Referring to image at the top of the post – I like the idea of having many prints in a grid formation, to suggest the prints are a brain scan



Its been a great exercise to find these images and compare them to my work, and I think doing this constantly throughout my process will help me decide a definite conceptual path to what my work will convey, at this point I really like the idea of the CT scan representing my brain and thoughts and also like the reference of the vinyl record, as a means to bring music back into my work. It has opened my eyes to hear what people relate my work to as the circular image is both familiar yet unidentifiable, which means an uncertainty arises.

I now need to connect my prints to a chosen idea, experimenting with colour, scale and amount of text in the prints will help me decide which route to take. I also need to ask myself what I want for my audience, and re-visit the context of my work by analysing my process and what the pieces represent to me, doing this will strengthen my work and decide where to take it.


Images from:
– Eye/Iris –
-Vinyl Record –
-Radar –
-Brain Scan –



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