Developing the Cone Prints

After making my first cone print nearly 1 year ago, I am returning to the technique again and improving it.

The original print was small at 10 x 10 inches. My first step to exploring these prints further was making them to a larger scale, so below is the first print measuring approx. 22 x 22 inches.


Already, I see an improvement, I feel the print has more interest from the larger surface of texture and the text is larger. From the larger scale, the text becomes more visible, which loses the quality of it being subtle that the original print had. This is a factor that I want to keep in the prints and will be something I will strive to achieve.

The print directly above, was the outcome of rolling the cone into a circle twice, instead of my usual one rotation. It has created a blurred, overprinted effect that I think has a lot of movement in, as though it is a still from something spinning around, which I suppose connects to the overthinking I have. I also like how illegible the text has become, you really have to look close to see the words, unlike the other prints. However, because of this the texture of the print has become quite messy, and looks accidentally smudged – I will have to refine this technique to be able to get the best outcome from it.

Both the original and overprinted pieces, achieve the ‘is this an image or text artwork?’ which i’m really pleased about.

(All photos are my own)


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