Third Year – Development of Cone Prints

I have just begun my third and final year of my degree and just before summer, I completed my second year final assessment, where I presented my entirety of my studio work from the start of 2016.

Last semester I was focusing on creating Neon type signs from EL wire and void paintings that I displayed at Within these walls exhibition. This work received some really good feedback, but at assessment my tutors focused on one small piece of work I did during my experimentation; Circle Poly Print.

The comments my tutors brought up to me, is what I wanted to achieve in my work was a frustrating yet provocative relationship between text and image, where when both are presented together in a piece of  art, and are so integrated, the viewer of this work is unsure whether to approach the piece as a visual image or text based artwork. Which the circle poly-prints, were doing.

These prints, which I now refer to as cone prints, produce an image of a circle, yet hold text within them, which isn’t instantly noticed by the viewer, creating quite an enigmatic feel to the piece; as though there is something there, yet something missing.

From this analysis and discovery, I am wanting to develop these works and the technique of them in this upcoming year and i’m excited to delve into these prints and analyse what they are doing further.


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