Third Year Degree Show 2016 / 17-06-2016


It is now the end of my second year at Uni and from September I will be in my Third and final year. As with every year, third year students hold their final degree show and Arundel Gate Studios is completely emptied and turns into an art gallery, where the soon to be graduate students display their final works.


Art works by MA students and Fine Art:

As always, I am really impressed with the works on both an individual level and also how they come together as a collective and produce a really impressive show. Below are some photos of the highlights of the show. I really appreciated the professionalism of this show; the wall decals explaining each division of work (MA, Fine Art, CAP, and Part Time) and how the space was sectioned off for a more interesting viewing of the work. A really cohesive exhibition from the final year students, they should be very proud of their work – a really great last exhibition for Arundel gate court studios, before we move to our new site at the old post office.


Artworks by Creative Art Practice:


Viewing this year’s show suddenly became quite a different experience for me as reality hit, knowing that in one year’s time it would be my own final work on show, being the first year to hold an exhibition at a new location.  The thought that it will all be over and graduation would be soon upon me has made a massive impact, provoking feelings of fear, apprehension and excitement of what the year will hold with a scary realisation that I won’t be in university this time next year.


Artworks by Part-Time Students:



All Photos taken by myself.


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