Booking a Neon Workshop

Today I booked to take part in a Neon workshop at Neon Workshops in Wakefield on 26th June. In order to develop in my practice, I want to progress from EL Wire to actual Neon, in order to achieve a more professional result.

Neon making is very expensive, so this workshop will allow me to use the material and process, and then see my results; from this I can make a decision as to where to take my practice from this point.

The workshop I have booked is a 2 hour taster course, which will offers me;

‘Customers will see glowing examples of neon art explained and mesmerising demonstrations of cutting, blowing, stretching, bending and fusing glass with flame, whilst having a go themselves.’

Piece from 12 Months of Love produces in Neon Workshops. Image Source.

The company; Neon Workshops, specialises in the development and manufacturing of neon lighting for the creative industry. I believe it is ran by artist; Richard Wheater whom I have researched on my blog, and they have made works for many artists including Tim Etchells, there works are exhibited in there on-site gallery.

I’m very excited for this workshop, it will be my first time interacting with neon and I can’t wait to finally use the process and make my own sign. The workshop offers you to make a small piece, but if I want to continue the process, I will need to book an intensive course, where your ideas will be produces into Neon and costs marginally more than the taster workshop.

Map to Neon Workshops, approx 1 hour away from Sheffield:



Neon Workshops –


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