In two minds, 2016

In two minds, 2016, Neon (EL Wire), Metal Wire, Black Canvas, 24inch X 24inch. Exhibited at APG Works in Within These Walls exhibition.


Statement about the piece:

Lydia Jackson conveys her feelings towards the thought of dying and a hope that life doesn’t just end completely through her artwork. Finding it difficult to explain such feelings towards her fear of death, Lydia has found the use of text within her work allows a much deeper process of thought, a way to express a particular attitude. Using her thoughts as the text she allows herself to be confronted with the anxiety directly, this focus becomes a way of contentment.

“I make the neon’s by taking two words and putting them together to make one word, so it changes the original meaning/context. Some letters will appear in a different colour or flash, so the viewer will see a word within a word and this will also change how you see the singular words when they are put together, creating a statement.”


The piece exhibited at Within These Walls in APG Works, 2016



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