Within These Walls / Opening Night, Feedback and Evaluation

Yesterday we had our opening night; Thursday 28th April, 6:00-8:30. We provided free drink and refreshments, to accommodate our guests, as well as playing music in the courtyard of the venue, so it became a social event outside, but remained professional inside the gallery. Unfortunately the weather was against us; very cold with heavy rain and to add to this we were not allowed to put temporary shelter up, as the incoming wind would have caused it to be hazardous.

Yet, to our amazement we had an astonishing 50+ guests, through the doors to view our exhibition. We were all very surprised at this amount of views and on top of the horrendous weather, this was extremely heart-warming and it showed how much our hard work and all our advertising had payed off. Each one of us in the group had a fantastic night and we are all so proud of ourselves.
Images from the Opening Night below:

For the remaining days the exhibition is open, we are taking it in turns to watch over the space, we don’e expect many guests,but it is our duty as the event organisers to invigilate the space.
*Update – we received 15 more guests on the rest of the days until it closed on 2nd May*



For the Exhibition overall, Feedback was all positive, we were praised on the curation of the show; how we placed works in each room, so families didn’t swarm to just your works. We were praised on how cohesive it all was and how each artwork complimented each others. Our choice of venue was also commended; how it related to our works and also how we utilised the space really well.
Our advertising was applauded; the amount we advertised and also how it reflected on the opening night, as we had a fantastic turnout, and also how we presented ourselves online as friendly and accommodating, which I’m pleased was noticed – We felt as a group that Art events can sometimes come across as pretentious, and become exclusive from this, so it was important to us to be ourselves; friendly and grounded.

Feedback about my two Artworks was also all positive. ‘So close no matter how far‘ attracted a lot of interest; it was great to see so many people interact with my work; recognising the songs and trying to guess the lyrics, and then to hear people singing the songs coming away from work was great. They were described as being quite emotional and poetic, which shows how they have improved from VIE where I showed similar works but they were not read like this.
Although I am pleased with this piece, I don’t feel they are perceived fully in the way I would like them to be, I feel as though the viewer just sees the text and the visual goes unnoticed and they are not seen as a piece reflective of each other, I will either be dissecting this further or leaving it as a finished and final piece.

In two minds‘ also received a lot of encouraging feedback. People seemed to appreciate the contrast of dark and light; both within the words and also visually. Viewers appeared quite impressed with the piece; this was quite an ambitious piece for me, I had only been making single word neons previous to this, so clearly the risk payed off.
I was concious that the placement of the piece may be criticised, as the stairwell is an odd place to display art, but it was the complete opposite. People apprenticed that I had placed it there as it adds context to the work, Stairs are related to a journey, which my work deals with; journey to death. Also, I placed it on the stairs as they are often associated with death; going upstairs is going to heaven, going downstairs is going to hell, and individuals picked up on this too. So I’m really pleased with my works all-in-all.


Overall as a group and individually, we are very proud of our achievements and what we have accomplished as six 20-22 year old Art students. Our teamwork was fantastic throughout the whole process, which meant the process went by quickly and became enjoyable. We helped each other in every aspect of the process, and I can see us working as a team again in the future, as it was so successful this time.

Within These Walls Group; Victoria Morris, Myself, Charlotte Robinson, Cherelle Khan, Paige Howard and Rebecca Smith

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