Within These Walls /Installation and Curation

Above Image – The Map/plan where everyone’s works were eventually situated


Today we set up our exhibition; Within These Walls. Again I already had a plan as to how I want my pieces displayed. A few days prior to set up, we made a very rough plan as to where everyone would be placed, but we made all the decisions on the day.

We first prioritised people’s needs/wants; I needed darkness, so I placed my neon work on the stairs, which also added further context to my work. Paige wanted the back room fireplace to display her gnomes, Rebecca needed a desk to display her book on and wall space above it, Myself and Charlotte wanted to replicate the placement we had in VIE, so my darkness and her lightness would be next to each other and contrast well. All the other works were then placed in areas that suited them the most. Because some of us had more than one piece, we placed them apart and in separate rooms, so on the open night our families wouldn’t just swarm to our pieces.

It took around 4-5 hours to set up as we helped each other, and since the walls are only thin we only need to hammer nails so other tools weren’t necessary.

Panoramics of the Exhibition; showing where All the Artworks were placed:

Room 1 – 


Stairs and Hallway – 


Room 2 – 


As a group we are all really pleased with the exhibition. The layout is well thought out, and our pieces look great in the space, the exhibition is really cohesive and we are excited for people to see the show on the opening night in two days time (28-02-2016).


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