Pattern / Exhibition

Pattern was an exhibition organised by a group of 6 Fine Art students from Sheffield Hallam University. I attended the opening night of the exhibition, held at APG. Knowing that my group show; Within These Walls, was taking place at the same location the week after Pattern, it was vital to see this show and view how other students on the same level have used the space. The exhibition was great, it’s was well curated and the actual art work was all very interesting; all the works link to the theme of pattern, which is very clear in all the pieces. All the works were hung well and it was overall a fantastic show.

We attended Pattern as an exhibition group and we discussed how we wanted to utilise the space more, absolutely nothing against Pattern, but we wanted to place more works in each; 2+, where as the pattern artists displayed 1/2. It was really useful to see an exhibition in APG so we can see the space in use – It creates an idea to what ours will be.

Pattern runs from now until 25th April at APG Works, Sidney Street, Sheffield.






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