Neon Idea / Painting

From my previous text paintings, I found a quality in them, that It made me discover new ideas. So using my book of musings and this process, I created the below idea, that I am going to develop into a neon sign:


The above painting was created by chance, I simply chose some words at random, and this was the outcome. I realised that the white words make up a saying as well as reading the whole piece of text.

I the refined the above, in order for it to make more sense. The below piece sums up the two thoughts I have towards death; reading the whole thing shows my unwilling acceptance, reading the white shows my hopes. I will be developing this into a neon design now.



Even though EL Wire is cheap, I didn’t want to waste materials by just making the piece, I wanted to plan it since it would be bigger than my other neon signs, so I designed it on Microsoft word first. I thought about the colour and red seemed really appropriate to create a contrast in the colour and in the context of the words. I also really like the writing being in this square, it looks more like a sign that I have been trying to achieve, so I will be using this in the piece. I went for the design on the left; the red stood out more to me in these experiments, and I want the positive to stand out more than the other.



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