Bookbinding Workshop

07/03/2016 – 14/03/2016 – 04/04/2016 – 11/04/2016

Week 1 – 07/03/2016

Today was the first of four workshops I am taking in bookbinding. This is a workshop I pushed to be set up as bookbinding has always been something I wanted to learn. I love buying books, notebooks, sketchbooks, So making my own has always been an interest to me. This workshop will be taught by Sheffield based Bookbinder and Book Restorer; Heather Dewick.

In this workshop we will be producing an A6 Flatback case bound sketchbook, an A4 Portfolio file and an A5 Pamphlet Zine Book.

Today we began the A6 flatback case bound book. The first aspect to make with bookbinding is the pages, so this week we made the inside of the book, we used 8x A3 sheets of paper and also used a kettle stitch to bind the pages. Images of these stages can be found below:

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I’m really excited with my progress and I can’t wait to continue the process. Below is a video showing how to kettle stitch, the paper stages of the book are very simple but I wanted to reminder myself of this, in case I return to bookbinding:


Week 2 – 14/03/2016

In this weeks workshop, we finished binding the inside of the book, which meant adding ‘end papers’ to either side of the book and also securing the spine further. This can be seen in the below images.

We also started to make the book case for the book, by measuring the grey mount-card to the pages and also deciding the design of the book. I chose a space themes fabric, but with bookbinding the material needs to be thicker and more durable than just fabric, so I had to glue paper to the fabric and allow it to dry until I could make the case.

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Week 3 – 14/04/2016

This weeks workshop brought finalising and completing the Book. The next stage was putting the case together and then attaching this to the pages. These were very simple stages but required precision, when the two pieces were attached, it was just putting it into the press once more and the book is complete.

I’m so pleased with my result, It looks so professional and I’m thrilled with my sketchbook. So far this workshop has been amazing, Heather Dewick is fantasic artisan and the process was very fluid and easy to follow. I’m excited that I now know how to make my own sketchbook and it’s definitely something I will return to in the future.

Photos of the final stages:

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I’ve attached another video, this one showing how to make the case, just as a reminder to myself:



Week 4 – 11/04/2016

The final Bookbinding workshop was used for two smaller projects; an A4 portfolio file and an A5 pamphlet zine book. First was the Portfolio, this was very straight forward to make – a lot of cutting and glueing but the result is really professional. The zine book was even simpler to make; just a matter of folding sheets of paper and sewing them together, and I really like the outcome, I’ll be making a lot more of these, instead of buying them as they are pretty much the same quality.

The Workshop as a whole has been really amazing, I’m very pleased with the results and I’ve learnt skills that I can use again.


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Zine Book:

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I’m thrilled with my outcomes and the overall workshop experience has been amazing, I’m excited to continue the bookbinding process after this.


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