Within These Walls / Planning


The task to create an exhibition in small groups was set to both creative art practice and Fine art, so there’s a lot of competition. Securing the venue was our number one job, we knew our exhibition would be in Sheffield but it was just where?, we had looked at several spaces before making our decision including;

-Gallery 35 on Chapel Walk,
-APG Works on Sidney Street,
-Theatre Dellicateccan on the Moor
-various cafe’s and shops that surround Hallam University.

We looked at many places, but when we saw APG Works, we knew this is where we wanted to exhibit. APG offers a white cube galley space, but has characteristics of a house; fire place, stairs, two rooms, windowsills. This living space turned gallery suited our theme of life perfectly, so we made the quick decision and put a deposit down on APG works, using the space from 26 April – 2 May. It cost £165 for the week and an additional £15 for an A1 poster outside the space if we wish, we decided to have the poster so 6 of us each payed £30, which I thought was quite reasonable. We also decided our opening night at this time as the gallery gave us a choice of either Wednesday or Thursday of that week, so we decided our open night would be Thursday 28th April, 6:00 – 8:30.
Photo’s inside APG can be seen below:

Next on the list was the exhibition name, by now it is present that the name is Within These Walls, but had a list of other potentials names that didn’t quite make the cut. Other names include;

-The world is a play but the play is badly cast – Oscar Wilde,
-Art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable – Cesar Cruise.

Within These Walls was the perfect name for our exhibition and links to all our themes. It suggests the connotation of being contained; meaning both in a gallery space and also suggests psychologically being contained, so thoughts and opinions.
The poster was also made at this time. It was made together as a group in photoshop and we chose the photo of a cracked brick wall to reflect the name, the gallery space and again our collective theme. We are all really pleased with the poster, aesthetically it’s what we want and it includes all the needed information.



As a group, we have a plan to meet once or twice a week until the exhibition, so we can get everything sorted and made for the exhibition, to make it the best it can be.


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