Voids / Making Exhibited Pieces

Although I was adamant on the design of these pieces, I thought I would experiment one last time with the masking fluid, font and where the text will lie. I came to the final decision that I will use my handwriting; to make it personal and appear human, I will be leaving the latex on to create a subtle effect; the text is there but is not fully seen. Finally the text will stay situated in the centre; the other two feel too uninvolved in the piece.



FullSizeRender (3)
As I decided previously, I will be mounting the watercolour paper onto wooden circles; these are the sizes of vinyl records; 30cm, 25cm, 17.5cm, this reflects the using of lyrics in the piece and importance of the music.

Below are images of making one of the pieces, the process is exactly the same for all 7 voids:

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I plan for these pieces to look similar to what I displayed in VIE, in terms of the layout – melodic looking, but more condensed this time.


The individual separate pieces, that will be exhibited at Within These Walls:

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