Within These Walls / Poster and Proposal


As part of our University module we were tasked to set up an exhibition in small groups. The groups should be carefully selected and contain individuals you work well with or have a theme with. The exhibition will be self organised, funded and curated, so planning is crucial.
Below is the poster for our exhibition; Within These Walls, designed by the group, wall image courtesy of Charlotte Robinson:




Within These Walls – 27 April – 2 May at APG Works, Sheffield.

Six artists displaying work around the theme of everyday life, thought and emotion. The exhibition explores how we as humans perceive the world around us and deal with personal existence and identity. Concepts range from in and around the home, to dealing with psychological process and reflection. Each artist uses their artwork to tackle the concept separately, coming together in the creation of this summer exhibition running in line with the Art Sheffield Festival.
The exhibition culminates a year of development and hard work from these local independent artists; Paige Howard, Lydia Jackson, Cherelle Khan, Victoria Morris, Charlotte Robinson and Rebecca Smith.


Facebook Event – https://www.facebook.com/events/1049119358467886/


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