Neon Signs / Troubleshoot and Improvement

I was having a problem with my previous neon signs in that they didn’t have the visual strength that a real neon sign does. So I started to consider the history surrounding a neon sign.

They were made to inform people of information; OPEN, EXIT, or used to advertise logo’s of brands, to inform people that they sell that brand. I think artists use neon signs for the same reason; to inform people of their information; statements or words that are important to them. In order to make this information universal, the font is very standard, it isn’t designer-very straight and clear.


I also realised that from looking at these signs and taking my tutors’ feedback, the thickness of the neon is a big aspect of making it more powerful. I first experimented with making the text thicker, with the hope it would glow brighter. It went around GO with the EL wire twice and the NE only once. I think there is a slight difference, but in person it looks very messy and clumsy. I don’t think doubling up has made a drastic difference, so I won’t be carrying that on:



I then changed the font on my signs. I want my words to become information, I want my viewers to know that my thoughts are important, just like the OPEN and EXIT signs. So changing the font and making it more universal did this. Before, I used my handwriting, to make it personal, but I started to think that it might become too exclusive. I’m much happier with this change, they feel a lot stronger just by changing the font – I think even though I love both this and the handwriting, I will be using this universal font to achieve more of a sign:


‘Body, no body’, L-33inch x H-6inch


(A)VOID, L-28inch x H8inch


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