Within These Walls / Curatorial Statement

Curatorial Statement- Written as a group by all who participated in the Within These Walls exhibition; Myself, Paige Howard, Cherelle Khan, Victoria Morris, Charlotte Robinson and Rebecca Smith


Within These Walls – 27th-2nd May

Six artists displaying work around the theme of everyday life, thought and emotion. The exhibition explores how we as humans perceive the world around us and deal with personal existence and identity. Concepts range from in and around the home, to dealing with psychological process and reflection. Each artist uses their artwork to tackle the concept separately, coming together in the creation of this summer exhibition running in line with the Art Sheffield Festival.


The exhibition culminates a year of development and hard work from these local independent artists.

Paige Howard

Inspired by the home and home life, Paige Howard has been exploring the concept of the spaces we live in and call home (as individuals). What it is about the space that is beyond a closed door that separates public and private, being interested in how emotion can be altered both mentally and physically between a door separating the two. She focuses on her own person as inspiration.


Lydia Jackson

Dying is inevitable but when you fear it, it becomes one of life’s greatest hurdles. In her artwork, Lydia Jackson conveys her feelings towards the thought of dying and a hope that life doesn’t just end completely. Finding it difficult to explain such feelings towards her fear of death, She defines it as, “a void, a feeling of unexplained nothingness” comparing it to space; an infinite unknown. Such feelings have been particularly difficult to express as a visual art so Lydia has found the use of text within her work allows a much deeper process of thought, a way to express a particular attitude. Using her thoughts as the text she allows herself to be confronted with the anxiety directly, this focus becomes a way of contentment.


Cherelle Khan

Cherelle khan has been looking into body art. She has used her experiences of wanting to change her image to make it beautiful and enhance the beauty of the human body. Her series of body art portrays what she views as making people and herself feel more attractive with beautiful art work. Its all about feeling beautiful from within.


Charlotte Robinson

Charlotte Robinson is an abstract artist, using various types of paint. Charlotte creates paintings which incorporate colour and shape to depth of the surface. Inspiration originally came from multiple locations, as Charlotte replicated by abstract paintings. From this, her practice has gone on to be inspired by these works, to create further abstract paintings which no longer resemble a place; but represent the landscape colours in an abstract form.. The process of making is crucial to consider when viewing Charlotte’s artwork, as paints have been built up, creating a history of layers. Charlotte’s artwork poses the question of when is an artwork finished, as it may be merely a pause being admired.


Victoria Morris

As an artist Victoria focuses on the mysterious and otherworldly as well as cultural and ethnical practices. Being from an English Romany Gypsy family she has knowledge of their ways and rituals, sometimes used in her works and processes. Victoria uses many different techniques and traditional crafts within her work, from pyrography and embroidery to sculpture and illustration. She hopes to create an experience, showing the magic and beauty in things all too often overlooked.


Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith has been looking into children’s illustration and watercolour painting. She has used her close relationship to her dog Izzy, and farmyard animals at their local farm, Graves Park as inspiration for her story. Her illustrated book looks at the relationship with Oscar the owl, who has lost his hoot, and Izzy who tries her best to help her friend recover it.



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