Voids / Troubleshoot and Improvements

Deciding the lyrics – no words

After VIE, I decided that there were too many voids, and they were not being full perceived how I wanted them to, I put this down to the words. I think the amount of text and mixing both words and lyrics made the pieces feel too much; and so I cut the words down to just having the lyrics. This decision was inspired by the project ‘12 months of neon love‘; there neons were really well received and relatable because of the use of lyrics – people can connect to them. So I will still retain the personal aspect, but it has a universal aspect and viewers will be informed of my context through my choice of lyrics. Below is a list of the lyrics I will be using in my voids;

  • Enter night – (Enter sandman by Metallica)
  • Clocks will Stop – (Times like these by Foo Fighters)
  • Time won’t mean a thing – (Times like these by Foo Fighters)
  • And nothing else matters – (Nothing else matters by Metallica)
  • two foot wide and six foot deep – (House of Wolves by Bring Me the Horizon)
  • I kicked and screamed said please don’t go – (Sliver by Nirvana)
  • I’m luck to have met you – (Drain you by Nirvana)
  • Everlong – (Eveverlong by Foo Fighters)
  • Until the end – (Smells like teen spirit by Nirvana)
  • Exit light – (Enter sandman by Metaillica)


In my most recent tutorial, I discussed how to improve my void paintings from VIE, further. He mentioned experimenting with taking the text away from the visual and placing it around the them, he also said that the size could be made more relevant to the context; suggesting since they are already round use a vinyl record – relating to the music aspect.

I didn’t like the idea of taking the text out of the void, I want them to be together because they relate, the idea of taking one away was a contradiction to what I wanted, because I am happy with the aesthetic of the voids. The experiment below is how I attempted to achieve taking the text out of the void, and I’m not pleased with them at all, but at least now I know that I am happy with how they look:



I wanted to make the voids more professional than just paper on a wall, so I though of mounting the paintings onto a circle board, The only mount I could think of at this point was stripping back a cake board, so it just leaves the circle of cork. After testing this, it visually looked more professional as the cutting marks from the circle were not visible, It was just a matter of finding the right material at the cork still had an unfinished feel:


I really liked the idea of using vinyl as the size of my voids; it amplifies the context of using lyrics in the pieces. I first used an actual vinyl; I primed it with white acrylic and then tested both ink and acrylic paint. Neither of these worked in terms of how I want the void to look; very fluid and have the colour graduated into the black, using these appeared very forced, they don’t have the subtleness I wanted. Since this was a unsuccessful experiment I carved some words into the paint, and I’m quite pleased with this aspect, and It’s something I will look into developing in the future:

close up of the carved words in the record

From the previous experiments, I put 2 and 2 together and decided to find circles that are the sizes of vinyl’s. My tutor suggested using wood as it’s flat and the edge will be smooth. I decided to you three sizes of record; 30cm, 25cm, 17.5cm and I found wooden circles online available to buy – so I bought them, did the same process as the cake board and it worked perfectly – it’s exactly what I wanted; they look professional and they will still create a shadow when I mount them slightly away from the wall;

I will now be making a series of 7 voids; to create my own solar system – using my chosen lyrics and also using the process of the wooden circles.


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