Mono-prints are a printmaking technique where the print can only be made once (mono). A mono-print is formed by rolling ink out thinly, placing paper over the top and then drawing onto the paper; backwards. When the paper is turned over, your design will be printed onto the paper from the ink. Below are photo’s of different stages of this process:


I love mono-prints; they are very easily made; so many can be produced in a small amount of time and the results are always diverse and very interesting.  Mono-prints provide a very unique aesthetic; they have a naive quality yet retain a rawness and truth to them.  They are formed in that moment and can never be replicated.  I saw this as a perfect medium for my context, yet they feel in some way unfinished to me, so these could be a work in progress to continue in my third and final year.I have also found through my experiments, they create a bridge between both text and visual art; the off printed ink in the background has texture and pattern, from afar they look quite galactic in how some areas are sparse and others dense.

I firstly used black paper and white ink, since in my cone poly-prints it worked the best, yet they were pretty unsuccessful as the ink wouldn’t fully pick up. I like that text can be hardly seen, but this seems too unreadable:



I then tried black ink on white paper, and this was a lot more effective. My design intention was to replicate the quality of a neon. Notice the white ring surrounding the text; this is the glow, and the background is then surrounded in darkness. I’m really pleased with these outcomes, they feel as though they are going somewhere, but with mono-prints they have a tendency to look unfinished, they are often used as a design or test, so I will develop making them finished works:


FullSizeRender (1)IMG_1288IMG_1289IMG_1290IMG_1291IMG_1292IMG_1293IMG_1294


I finally tried grey/white ink on white paper, to achieve a ghostly text feel. I dislike the grey but the white has an interesting quality, I may develop on:

IMG_1295FullSizeRender (2)


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