The Cupboard Under the Stairs / Feedback and Evaluation

I got really positive feedback, I had quite a few visitors which was surprising for such a small gallery and the overall response is that my neon’s look great in the space; in the darkness and people did say being in the space with the darkness and neon’s was very immersive. A comment I received form them is that the flashing pieces are quite humerous, how they fade away as though they are giving up but then flash back on. People liked my playfulness with words in contrast to the dark context. So my works were perceived how I intended.

One piece of constructive criticism I did receive was questioning if the longer neon – i don’t want to leave – was needed in the exhibition?, Which on reflection I don’t think it was, I feel the exhibition would have been more interesting to just see the other two neons mirror each other at opposite ends of the gallery.

For a first solo exhibition, I would say it has been a success. The pieces sat fantastically in such a perfect space; It made the neon’s so much more effective being in complete darkness. I’m really happy with my feedback and the overall experience has been great.

However, I feel the actual pieces look visually weak and I think it’s because of the fact the type is my handwritting. Looking at artists who specialise in neon signs, most use a universal font, which makes it look more like an informative sign and so gives the words importance, which is what I want for my pieces. As development from this exhibition, I am going to experiment with a different font in order to achieve the strength I want.


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